Reed bed reduction at Bobbit’s Hole


Generosity of public enables major project at Bobbit’s Hole Nature Reserve.

The remarkable generosity of local people following the vandalism at Bobbit’s Hole last autumn has enabled a much needed reduction in the reed beds to take place.

The reed beds had not been cut back for at least 20 years and had advanced across the lake.  The Bobbit’s Hole team were aware that a reduction would greatly improve the lake environment but the necessary funds to have this specialist work carried out had not been available.

Now, thanks to the incredible public response to the incidents last year, sufficient money is available to carry out the work and Still Water Management of Little Oakley are reducing the reed beds by one third.

Harwich Society chairman, Colin Farnell, says, “The reduction of the reed bed will make a big difference to the lake and it is only possible because of the amazing generosity of the public.  We are very grateful and can assure everyone who has donated that every penny is being spent on restoring and improving Bobbit’s Hole.”

As Still Water Management cut the reeds and bring them to the shore the Bobbit’s Hole volunteers are on hand to collect and stack them so that they can be left to rot down.

“It’s a lot of work but it will certainly make a big difference,” continued Colin Farnell.  “Visitors will see a lot more of the lake when they next come to Bobbit’s Hole.”

For further information please contact:

Colin Farnell on 01255 553610

Garry Calver on 01255 551940



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